Via Negroni 14, Pessano con Bornago (MI)


English acronym used by insiders to indicate that we are talking about Heating – Ventilation – Air conditioning and refrigeration of air and rooms

Gnm Sesnori has been a long-time leader in this market thanks to the constant updating of the product range designed and manufactured to satisfy the most disparate requests of the various manufacturers with whom there are frequent contacts.
With the industry incentive event 4.0, most of the companies in the sector turned out to be
move towards more automation by asking the sensor part to follow this philosophy and strategy. The Partners-Ship deployed by GNM Sensors have made it possible to achieve these objectives in a short time by proposing cutting-edge innovative technological solutions, offering the market a line of new sensors with competitive performance and an attractive price.

We can take under control :

    • Flow
    • Evaporation Gas Pressure
    • Condensing Gas Pressure


    • Pressure Transmitters
    • Differential Pressure Transmitters
    • Flow Transmitters
    • Temperature Transmitters
    • Gas Analyzers